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Warranty Policy

Zirconia pays maximum attention to product quality. In that case the chances of product defects are very low. However, we provide warranties on our products at different times to ensure that buyers can purchase and use our products freely. It depends on the quality of our products. Below is the information about the warranty of products according to the quality or grading.

In what cases warranty will be provided

  • When the color of the product defected.
  • When the glue on the jewelry goes up.

In what cases the warranty will lose its acceptability

  • If the product breaks down due to negligence.
  • If there is loss of color due to excessive sweating, saline water, soapy water.
  • In case of any kind of physical damage to the intended product.
  • In case of loss of invoice or order number.

How to claim warranty

To claim the warranty, select the warranty option from This Form and provide the desired information. You will then arrange to ship the product at your own cost to our official address. If the products problem is solved, we will send the product back to your address at our own cost. Be sure to mention your order number when sending the product to the courier.

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