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Zirconia, is a fine jewellery brand from PLC Jewellers. with a strong focus on quality, affordability & reach. It was started in November 2021. Zirconia as a brand always tries to come up with heart melting jewellery at affordable price points.

Zirconia promises to be just that good, and some more, be it its investment value or the beauty. We strive to offer you a vast catalogue to shop your favourite jewellery while you also get to exchange your old jewellery for a piece of sparkling new piece. We stand as a genuine & trusted source to shop for gold & diamond studded jewellery online. We are different from the traditional jewellers in our approach towards selling jewellery with full disclosure & accountability. We have a deep focus on customer service & creating customer delight.

One of the underlying principles of Zirconia is to offer only products that are hallmarked for gold & laboratory certified for diamonds & zirconia stones.


Zirconia.shop offers you a delightful and surprisingly simple platform to browse a number of designs from the comfort of your couch, view every minute detail related to them. You can then compare them to finally decide upon that one unique piece which truly matches your expectations. And yes, all this while no salesmen are trying to push certain high margin products to you. This will help you calmly browse the designs and pick your favourite piece at your own pace. Zirconia then manufactures that piece especially for you, taking care of the many sophisticated process involved in jewelry making. After around a week, the piece comes to life and the craftsmanship shines through it. The beautiful diamonds and gemstones wait to be adorned by its beautiful and rightful owner. To give these rare gems their deserved place, the piece of jewelry is then certified & hallmarked from third party testing laboratories that confirm the true value of these stones. Now that it is ready in totality, it is quality checked one final time before it is packed in adorable boxes and then safely shipped with insurance through reliable shipping companies.


Zirconia also exercises “No-questions-asked” return policy and “30-days Free Exchange”. This is because we want you to know that your hard earned money is safe and will be returned to you in case the product fails to match your expectations. We believe each product that you buy with us is a huge investment from you, and therefore, we take all possible measure to make your precious jewellery buying experience a truly memorable one. To help you overcome any concerns or queries, our customer support team can be contacted at any hour.

We at Zirconia truly believe that we can add some value to how this segment is operated currently and can pave the way for a positive change in the industry.

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